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Expanding Red Meat Exports in the Coming Year

Will Jordan Beef, Cattle, Exports/Imports, U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)

by Will Jordan Part two of the conversation with Randy Spronk, a Minnesota crop and livestock producer and current chairman of the United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Join us as we discuss the growth and impact of red meat exports across the U.S. livestock industry and USMEF’s strategy for export market diversification and expansion in 2024.

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Adding Value in Foreign Markets

Will Jordan Beef, Cattle, Commodities, Marketing, Trade, U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)

Value on the hoof correlates to value on the rail, the United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) knows this best. Working closely with producers, livestock trade organizations, and the USDA, USMEF works hard to ensure that U.S. protein is found center-plate around the world. Access to foreign markets for U.S. red meat is vital for the livestock industry. Randy Spronk, …

ADUFA Reauthorization Ensures Important Animal Drug Access

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by Will Jordan The Animal Drug User Fee Act, better known as ADUFA, received reauthorization with the recent stop-gap funding bill passed by Congress. Signed into law in 2003, reauthorization has been required every five years since then. ADUFA amends the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, allowing the FDA to collect fees dedicated to the animal drug review process. Through …

Farm Bill: Where are We Now?

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by Will Jordan Missing their September 30 deadline for passage of a Farm Bill, Congress still has work to do. A stop-gap funding bill extended government funding for another 45 days, yet turmoil in the House of Representatives leaves concern among agricultural groups. 81.1% of $1.5 Trillion in funding for the Farm Bill goes towards funding SNAP programs leaving a …

There’s a Milk for Everyone

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by Wil Jordan Though facing serious competition from products labeled as milk, dairy continues to be a vital part of the global diet, no matter your preference of product. Dairy producers work hard to produce a wholesome product and because of its unique fat behavior, you can feel good about consuming dairy, according to Dr. Chris Cifelli, Senior Vice President …

Global Diet Study Reinforces National Dairy Council Research

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By Will Jordan A new study recently published in the European Heart Journal concluded that whole-fat dairy serves as a heart-healthy source of nutrition and is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality in all world regions. To learn more about the heart healthfulness of dairy, we visited with Dr. Chris Cifelli, Senior Vice President of Nutrition …

The Beef Checkoff and Contracting Partners

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By Will Jordan Funding beef promotion, the Beef Checkoff is a vital part of ensuring beef is the choice of consumers. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association CEO, Colin Woodall, explains the relationship between the Checkoff and its contracting partners.