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  • Blueberry Weed Control in Florida
    By Peter J. Dittmar Weeds are problematic throughout the entire year in Florida. Annual weeds (separated into summer and winter annual weeds) germinate, grow and produce seeds in a single year. Summer annual weeds begin to germinate in March when temperatures begin to warm. Winter weeds begin to germinate when temperatures are cool (around October) […]
  • Supply Shortage: ‘It’s Going to Get a Whole Lot Worse Before it Gets Better’
    By Clint Thompson One Florida farmer dodged the supply shortage that’s running rampant across the vegetable industry. But the fall season is not that far away for Wade Purvis, who farms in Immokalee, Florida and is part of the Farmers Alliance. “I know guys that are literally buying sawmills and going out in the woods, […]
  • Growing Matters: Protect Bees, Environment and the Applicators Themselves
    Companies spend a lot of time developing product labels. “The companies that make the crop protection products work very hard to make them right,” Valent USA’s Senior Field R&D Scientist Craig Campbell said. “I work on labels, they are there as the most important guide for a grower, an applicator or anyone using a pesticide.” […]

RSS News from Citrus Industry

  • Scouting for Lebbeck Mealybugs
    By Lauren Diepenbrock Lebbeck mealybugs (Nipaecoccus viridis) have quickly made an impact on citrus groves in Central and South Florida since the pest was first found in 2019. While management techniques are still being studied, this article describes actions growers can take to find this pest before it becomes a problem. SOOTY MOLDLebbeck mealybugs excrete […]
  • Trees Delayed From Nurseries
    Citrus acreage is expanding across South Georgia and North Florida. But those interested in planting more acres may have to wait years to receive trees from nurseries, says Jake Price, University of Georgia Lowndes County Extension coordinator. “If you’re wanting a tree now, it’s probably going to be 2023. If you had ordered it six […]
  • Growers Discuss Fruit Drop and More
    Fruit drop, drought, fruit quality, production costs, deer and Diaprepes root weevil were among problems that bothered Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association (PRVCGA) members in the 2020-21 season. Those were the issues raised by panelists at a PRVCGA grower roundtable luncheon on May 4 in Hardee County, Florida.   “The fruit drop has been […]