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  • Lights Out: UV System Helpful Against Strawberry Pathogen
    When the light goes on, it’s lights out for a ruinous strawberry pathogen. Just imagine this: Pulling an ultraviolet lamp behind a tractor out into your farm in the middle of the night, pointing the UV light at the strawberries and zapping powdery mildew right out of the leaves and fruit. That’s the idea behind […]
  • QLA Deadline Extended: Applications Now Due April
    WASHINGTON, March 5, 2021 – Vegetable and specialty crop producers in the Southeast that want to apply for the Quality Loss Adjustment (QLA) Program now have an extra month to submit an application. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) extended the deadline from March 5 to April 9 for producers to apply, due to recent […]
  • Disease Management: Onions Vulnerable Amid Rainfall, High Temperatures
    Field conditions are conducive for disease pressure to increase in Vidalia onion fields in Southeast Georgia. That’s why Chris Tyson, University of Georgia Extension Area Onion Agent at the Vidalia Onion & Vegetable Research Center in Lyons, Georgia, is imploring farmers to stay on top of their fungicide sprays. “Looking around the fields last week, […]

RSS News from Citrus Industry

  • Could Finger Limes Be Florida’s Hero?
    The Australian finger lime, a citrus relative, could be a new specialty crop for Florida citrus growers. Traditionally, finger limes have remained rare in the United States, grown few and far between. However, the fruit’s unique tolerance to HLB is becoming increasingly attractive to Florida growers. Manjul Dutt, research assistant scientist at the  University of […]
  • Florida Growers Wanted for Rootstock Trials
    The Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) is establishing a new project to evaluate the most promising citrus rootstocks in grower field trials. The rootstock trials are projected to be planted in the spring or summer of 2022. The goal will be to identify plant material with the traits needed for growers to realize the […]
  • Freeze Damage Update on Texas Citrus
    Citrus took the biggest freeze hit from recent Winter Storm Uri of any agricultural commodity in Texas, reported Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. AgriLife Extension estimated citrus crop losses of at least $230 million. Other Texas commodities taking major freeze hits were livestock, with losses of at least $228 million, and vegetable crops, with at […]