“Uncharted Waters”: What McCarthy Ouster Means for Agriculture

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by Will Jordan The U.S. Congress voted late afternoon, Tuesday, October 3rd to vacate the Office of the Speaker. The vote received 216 yay and 210 nay votes, ousting Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his leadership role as Speaker of the House. This vote followed the stop-gap funding bill he pushed through by McCarthy, to prevent a government shutdown, the …

From Farms to Farmers Markets: Tuberville Boosts Tree Nut Industry

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Exclusive Op-Ed, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville There’s nothing better than a Saturday morning stroll through a farmers market. For tree nut farmers, the “farm to table” process isn’t so easy. They spend months working from dawn to dusk to grow the nut products Americans have come to know and love. Slow-growing tree nuts are a delicacy for many, whether eaten …

The Beef Checkoff and Contracting Partners

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By Will Jordan Funding beef promotion, the Beef Checkoff is a vital part of ensuring beef is the choice of consumers. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association CEO, Colin Woodall, explains the relationship between the Checkoff and its contracting partners.

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Farm Bureau Talks Ag Policy Work in The New Year

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2017 was a busy year for the American Farm Bureau Federation when it came to influencing agricultural policy at the federal level. Dale Moore is executive director for public policy with the Farm Bureau and he says there were several policy victories to celebrate from last year. Victories There were other victories when it came to government regulations and taxes. …