Vilsack: Farm Bill Beneficial to Farmers Raises Financing Questions

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The U.S House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have both put forth their proposed versions of the Farm Bill with markups happening to finalize those drafts. Many agriculture groups have expressed support for the House version of the bill, yet it is this version that has drawn the ire of Senate Democrats. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack held a …

Dairy Industry Receives Grants for Disease Preparedness

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The dairy industry has received disease preparedness resources through the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program grants awarded to The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF). Listen below to learn more.

Maintaining Safe Milk Supply Amid HPAI

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The latest efforts to keep our milk supply safe. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. The Human and Health Services Secretary discusses some of the continued and increased efforts to assure a safe milk supply amid an outbreak of a High Path Avian Flu strain found in dairy cattle. Rod Bain reports. Listen to the This Land Of …

Unpacking USDA’s Traceability Rule

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If you had a bag phone in the late 80’s, you’ve probably updated to more modern technology since then. Cattle producers are familiar with the metal ear tags required by USDA and Electronic ID or EID tags are simply the modern version of traceability identification. I visited with Ethan Lane, Vice President of Government Affair at NCBA to unpack the …


Dairy Industry Contributes to USDA School Meal Standards

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USDA has announced new nutrition standards for school meals. What are the current requirements for milk in school meals? Schools may currently offer fat-free and low-fat (1 percent fat) milk, flavored and unflavored, in reimbursable school lunches and breakfasts and for sale as a competitive beverage. Unflavored milk must be offered at each school meal service. Fat-free and low-fat milk, …

Enrollment for 2024 Dairy Margin Coverage Ends April 29

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Dairy producers are being reminded the deadline to enroll for 2024 Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) is April 29, 2024. This important safety net program provides producers with price support to help offset milk and feed price differences.  USDA’s Farm Service Agency has revised the regulations for DMC to allow eligible dairy operations to make a one-time adjustment to established production history. This …

Gov. Experts Say U. S. Milk Supply Safe Despite Trace Amounts of Inactive Bird Flu

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Government experts say our milk supply remains safe despite an unusual outbreak of bird flu. Testing has revealed trace amounts of the bird flu virus that has affected dairy cows in milk on store shelves, however, experts around the nation agree that the milk supply remains safe for human consumption. The FDA and USDA say that’s because of two reasons: …