Farm Bill: Where are We Now?

Will Jordan General

by Will Jordan Missing their September 30 deadline for passage of a Farm Bill, Congress still has work to do. A stop-gap funding bill extended government funding for another 45 days, yet turmoil in the House of Representatives leaves concern among agricultural groups. 81.1% of $1.5 Trillion in funding for the Farm Bill goes towards funding SNAP programs leaving a …


Women in Ag Numbers on the Rise

Dan Alabama, Industry News Release

Lauryn Bryght of Macon County is part of an expanding group of farmers—women farmers. From 2012 to 2017, the number of women involved in U.S. agriculture grew by nearly 27 percent. Out of 3.4 million farmers nationally, more than 1.2 million are women.  The most recent Census of Agriculture shows a dramatic increase in the number of women in agriculture—a …


Soybean Growers Want Resolution with 90-Day Negotiation Period Waning

Dan Exports/Imports, Industry News Release, Soybeans, Trade

Soybean growers urge Congress to press Administration to end tariffs Talks are good, purchases are good, but lifting the tariff that China imposed last July on soybean imports from the United States is the only way for U.S. soybean farmers to regain commercial access to the significant Chinese market. “It is heartening that the Administration is keeping soybeans in the …


Agri View: River Barge Traffic

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Everett Griner talks about problems on the river with barge traffic in today’s Agri View. River Barge Traffic You have already heard more about those tariff trade wars than you want to. There isn’t anything I can’t tell you that you haven’t heard already. Well, maybe there is. Towns along the Mississippi River, mostly farm towns, are in great trouble …


Government Shutdown Likely to Take Toll on Agriculture

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The government shutdown and its aftermath is likely to continue taking a toll on agriculture, including efforts to write a new farm bill. The loss of trust is an obvious casualty of the government shutdown, and will be in its aftermath, as lawmakers struggle to craft a long-term budget solution, along with a “fix” for illegal child immigration, passing disaster …


Relating to a Public That Doesn’t Relate with Agriculture

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Society is changing, and the connection back to the farm is declining. Agriculture is facing the challenge of relating to a public that doesn’t relate with agriculture. Wes Jamison, Professor of Public Relations at Palm Beach Atlantic University, says it anti-ag groups, specifically anti-animal agriculture groups, are very successful in their mission. Opposition But, agriculture is fighting back. Jamison explains …

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Big Week for Agriculture in Washington

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

It’s a “big” week for agriculture in Washington, with key actions likely to have an impact on producers’ bottom-line. The U.S. Senate is expected to take a “make-or-break” vote Thursday or Friday on the GOP’s tax plan, that Republicans will have to pass with a likely razor-thin, Republican-only majority. The GOP is edging closer to the needed votes, and President …


America’s Waterways, An Important Part of Ag Infrastructure, Need Repairs

Dan Industry News Release, Water

America’s waterways, including some of the largest rivers in the country, are an underappreciated but highly important part of American agriculture. The nation’s lock-and-dam system was put together to provide a cost-effective means of transporting goods from rural areas to major cities and coastal ports. Lynn Muench is the Senior Vice President of Regional Advocacy at the American Waterways Operators, …