Jelly Bean Prayer

The Jelly Bean Prayer

Dan General

With today being Good Friday, the markets are closed. So, Mark Oppold brings us a special report, his annual Jelly Bean Prayer. Red is for the blood he gave, green is for the grass he made. Yellow is for the sun so bright, orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins we made, white is for …

Eggs, Bunnies and Easter

Will Jordan General

As we move into the Easter weekend, have you ever wondered why we hunt eggs? Or maybe you’ve wondered how the Easter bunny came to be? U.S. Department of Agriculture Historical Expert, Anne Effland, shares more.


Farm Bank Lending Increased in 2023

Will Jordan General

Agricultural loan demand increased in 2023, and agricultural lending by U.S. farm banks grew 6.7 percent to $110 billion. The American Bankers Association’s (ABA) annual Farm Bank Performance Report credits elevated production costs, commodity price volatility, and a return to pre-COVID levels of direct government payments. The ABA says farm banks continued to enjoy solid performance in 2023, with robust …