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Disaster Aid Uncertain in Congress

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Disaster aid for states hit by flooding is more uncertain as Congress nears recess and ag lawmakers seem at odds over what producers need. Politico reports negotiations to pass a disaster relief package have collapsed just as another storm hits the Midwest and Great Plains, prompting blizzard warnings from Colorado to Minnesota. Midwest Senators are pushing for a disaster bill …


New Congress Convenes as Shutdown Delays Farm Payments

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

New leaders convene in Congress with the need to find an end to the government shutdown. The Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies are reaching a “breaking point,” according to Politico, as many agencies are running out of carryover funding. USDA has closed Farm Service Agency offices across the nation due to the shutdown. Producers who have certified 2018 …

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Trade Promotion Authority to Auto-Renew

Jim Rogers Industry News Release, Trade

Trade Promotion Authority will auto-renew at the end of this month due to no congressional action. Originally authorized by Congress during the Obama administration for the advancement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPA will auto-renew for another three years. The renewal comes due to the inaction by the House and Senate during a three-month window to pass a resolution of disapproval …


War Between Ethanol Backers – Oil Supporters in Congress Heating Up

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The war between Ethanol backers and Oil supporters in Congress is heating up. But, one Midwest lawmaker claims the other side has already lost “leverage” due to timing. Ag Senator Chuck Grassley admits Texas oil-patch Senator Ted Cruz will get his meeting with President Trump to discuss overhauling the Renewable Fuel Standard. Cruz was blocking Senate confirmation of Iowa Ag …

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Busy Week Ahead for Congress

Dan Industry News Release

It will be a busy week in Congress with two big issues that will be addressed. Mary Kay Thatcher, senior director of congressional relations with the American Farm Bureau Federation spoke to Kansas Farm Bureau members at their annual meeting in Manhattan Monday morning. We’ll learn soon the conferees for the conference committee that will try and put the House …


W. H. and GOP Leaders Considering Ditching Estate Tax Repeal

Dan Industry News Release

The White House and GOP Congressional leaders are considering ditching estate tax repeal and other tax breaks that Democrats charge, favor the wealthy. The idea is to pick up Democratic votes by shaping tax reform more toward the middle-class. Democrats argue estate tax repeal would benefit only the wealthy, those who die with more than $5.5 million in their estates, …