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Growing Matters: Label Rate and Applicator Training Importance

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Using the exact label rate for products is vital for growers and applicators. The BeSure campaign from the Growing Matters Coalition is reminding the industry that not doing so can lead to ineffective treatments and even pesticide resistance. University of Florida Assistant Professor of Agronomy Brett Bultemeier emphasizes the importance of strictly adhering to the product label and proper application …

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COUNTRY Financial: Make Safety a Priority on the Farm

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COUNTRY Financial continues to invest in agriculture in many states, including Alabama and Georgia. And earlier this month, Agricultural Safety Awareness Week was celebrated, and they encourage farmers to make safety a priority on the farm throughout the year. This part of the country is prone to storms all year, and especially in the spring. So Adela Ford, COUNTRY Financial …

Syngenta Offers Fungicides for Pecan and Peanut Growers

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For both pecan and peanut growers, Syngenta offers fungicides that allow growers to be confident with disease protection. For peanuts, Miravis is a once-in-a-lifetime fungicide for controlling leaf spot, providing game-changing potency and residual up to 28 days. For pecans, Miravis Top is the first group 7 to have high efficacy on scab to be registered in the marketplace. It will help with resistance issues that …

Trichomoniasis Testing Tips from Boehringer Ingelheim

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Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) wants Southeast cattle producers to know that every cow that is bred by a bull infected with trichomoniasis, or trich, has a high potential to contract the infection. While it may be common for older bulls to be carriers, it’s just as important to test young bulls too. Dr. Jody Wade, cattle professional services veterinarian for BI, talked with …

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Syngenta Offers Miravis Prime for Vegetable Growers

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For vegetable and specialty crop growers looking for a more powerful option for controlling a broader disease spectrum like white mold, powdery mildew, and early blight, Syngenta offers the most potent SDHI ever developed, Miravis Prime fungicide. Wilson Faircloth, an agronomic service representative with Syngenta, says it’s a group 7 fungicide. Fully charged with power, control, spectrum, and stamina, Miravis Prime delivers …


BASF Promoting Soybean Genetics

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BASF is dedicated to providing soybean growers with choices to manage their fields throughout the season. Nick Fassler, BASF Technical Marketing Group Manager, talks about the acquisition and how it has changed their portfolio that now includes the Credenz seed brand. And Fassler says it’s been an excellent year for BASF. Contact your local BASF representative to learn more about their expanded …


BASF Promoting New Fungicide

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BASF’s newest fungicides are actually powered by Revysol fungicide, a new active ingredient that is different from any other DMI seen before. BASF Technical Marketing Manager, Paula Halabicki, explains to AgNet Media’s Taylor Hillman how it provides fast uptake and provides exceptional performance under high disease pressure. Revysol® – The latest fungicide innovation by BASF Video by: BASFAgro Revysol® is an …