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Florida Ag Producers Impacted by Hurricane Ian May be Eligible for Emergency Conservation Program Assistance

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Agricultural producers who suffered severe damage from Hurricane Ian, may be eligible for assistance under the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) administered by USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA). But, to be eligible, USDA approval is required before producers can begin repair efforts. Deborah Tannebaum, State Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Florida, explained to Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman what land is …

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Farmers Try to Sort Out Hurricane Damage

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(NSF/TALLAHASSEE, FL/Oct. 06, 2022) — A week after Hurricane Ian stormed across Florida, farmers and ranchers continue waiting for flood waters to recede to get a full picture of the destruction to citrus groves and cattle operations. The storm killed at least 200 cows at a dairy farm in Myakka City, while beef cattle counts remain uncertain until herds can …


Hurricane Ian Devastates Southwest Florida Agriculture

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Florida Farm Bureau (FFB) notes it is working with their members to assess the damage farmers and ranchers across the state suffered from Hurricane Ian in order determine their needs. Many are facing widespread destruction of crops, buildings, fencing and other property loss due to substantial wind and water damage. In the citrus belt, there has been significant fruit drop, …

Florida on Alert as Hurricane Ian Threatens

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(NSF/TALLAHASSEE, FL/Sept. 26, 2022) — Gov. Ron DeSantis urged Floridians to be aware of local evacuation orders as Hurricane Ian is expected to strengthen into a “major” storm in the eastern Gulf of Mexico as early as Tuesday. DeSantis said during a media briefing just before noon Monday that Ian will bring heavy rain, strong winds, flash flooding, storm surges …


Most of 2022 Corn Crop Pollinating at Same Time

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Due to weather conditions this spring, a large chunk of the 2022 corn crop was planted about the same time. Thus, it is pollinating during the same time frame, a time where many areas are seeing hot, dry conditions. Mark Oppold reports this could have an effect on the markets.


Roundup of Some of the Nation’s Pollinators

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We wrap up National Pollinator week with a roundup of some of the nation’s pollinators. That’s today’s This Land of Ours. Talk about pollinators often revolves around honeybees, which makes sense because they do the majority of the work, especially when it comes to commercial agriculture. But there are a number of other pollinators as well, and National Pollinator Week …


Mite-Resistant Honeybees

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Honeybees that are pest resistant. That’s today’s This Land of Ours. Pol-line honeybees, a type of Varroa mite-resistant honeybee developed by the Agricultural Research Service, are more than twice as likely to survive through the winter than standard honeybees. That’s according to a study published in Scientific Reports. Although ARS developed Pol-line bees in 2014, this study was the first time …

National Pollinator Week

National Pollinator Week Kicks Off

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It’s a time to celebrate the bugs that keep us alive. That’s today’s This Land of Ours. National Pollinator Week is an annual event celebrated internationally in support of pollinator health. It’s a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack issued a United States Department of Agriculture …