Florida Right to Farm Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

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Just hours after the Florida House gave final approval Thursday, a bill that would expand legal protections for farmers was sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis. According to the News Service of Florida, the House voted 110-7 to support expanding the state’s “Right to Farm” law, a top priority of Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby. The Senate passed the bill (SB …

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Protecting Honey Bees in Citrus Groves

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When people think of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is Fresh From Florida oranges. Florida accounts for 44 percent of total U.S. citrus production. Citrus, like many other fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops, require certain inputs to grow and produce fruit. But how are pollinators and the production of citrus related? Many citrus varieties grown in Florida …

Parasite Hijacks Iron in Honey Bees

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(USDA/ARS) — An Agricultural Research Service (ARS) entomologist has discovered the Nosema ceranae parasite that causes major problems and death in honey bees works by hijacking its host’s iron for itself. Iron is as essential a micronutrient for honey bees as it is for people. Honey bees usually get enough to meet their needs from their flower pollen diet. They use iron …

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Farmers Gain Improved Access to Small Business Support as PPP Reopens

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(NMPF) — The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is pleased that farmers who run their operations as sole proprietors, independent contractors, or otherwise self-employed individuals will have newly expanded access as soon as today to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) under changes made in the COVID stimulus package Congress approved last month. Producers who were denied PPP loans or whose …


Turfgrasses Flowers are Something to Buzz About

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(USDA/ARS) — Turfgrasses sometimes get a “bad rap” for not giving our bees and other insect pollinators a helping hand on the food front. But Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and University of Georgia (UGA) studies suggest this reputation is unfair—and at least five different genera of bees would agree! In the world, 70 percent of the main crops used for …


Ornamental Grasses to Grow that are the Best for Birds

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Some of the best ornamental grasses for birds.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Songbirds need to eat. Add ornamental grasses to your garden for multiseason color, texture, and food sources for a host of birds. Switch grass are vigorus plants. They are prized for their reddish-purple summer color that fades to tan in fall. Birds love to …


Blueberries and Bees, UF Scientists Play Matchmaker

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(UF/IFAS) — Chew on this the next time you eat a blueberry: Every single blueberry is the result of a flower that was pollinated by a bee. In other words: no buzz, no berry. With that in mind, it’s no wonder blueberry growers bring in hives of honey bees or bumble bees when their blueberry bushes are in flower. “We …

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Asian Giant Hornets Arrive for Study and Preservation at ARS and Smithsonian Biorepository

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(USDA/ARS) — Five Asian giant hornets (Vespa mandarinia), from the first nest found in the United States, have taken a trip across the country to a Washington, D.C. area Agricultural Research Service (ARS) facility and the Smithsonian for study and preservation. ARS research entomologist Matt Buffington with the ARS Systematic Entomology Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, accepted delivery of the flash …

Plant Protection Today – Tracking the Elusive Asian Giant Hornet

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PPQ Shares Cutting-Edge Methods with State Partner By Greg Rosenthal (USDA/APHIS) — After weeks of searching, Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) entomologists–—with some cutting-edge methods from USDA’s Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ)–—have located and eradicated the first Asian giant hornet (AGH) nest ever found in the United States. For months, WSDA had been trying to find the nest they …

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USDA Lure Attracts Live Asian Giant Hornets, Helps Lead to Nest Discovery

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(USDA/ARS) — A scent lure designed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists to attract Asian giant hornets played a key role in the discovery of the first nest of these invasive insects in the United States. Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) entomologists have verified several finds of Asian giant hornets in Whatcom County since December 2019. They have been …