driverless technology

Driverless Technology Rapidly Rolling Toward Reality

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What would have been seen as science fiction a decade ago is quickly becoming reality. In December, autonomous trucking startup TuSimple completed a truck run on the open road without a human in the vehicle. The 80-mile trip on surface roads and highways in Arizona between a rail yard in Tucson and a distribution center in Phoenix was completed successfully. According to …

Health Benefits of Holy Basil and How to Use It

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The health benefits of Holy Basil and how to use it. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Holy basil, also known as tulsi in Hindu, or queen of the herbs, is part of the mint family and is a traditional medicinal herb native to tropical Southeast Asia. This aromatic plant has pale green leaves, hair stems, and small purple or white tubular flowers. It is …

A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer

A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer

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As we celebrate Christmas this year, Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman brings back an old favorite, “A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer” written by S. Omar Barker. A COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS PRAYERby S. Omar Barker (1895-1985) I ain’t much good at prayin’,and You may not know me, Lord —For I ain’t much seen in churches,where they preach Thy Holy Word.But you may have observed …

H-2A labor

New H-2A Labor Wages Effective Dec. 29

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A recent issue of the Florida Citrus Mutual Triangle newsletter provided information about the wage that growers must pay H-2A labor, effective Dec. 29. H-2A workers are foreign agricultural workers who are allowed to work in the United States temporarily. In recent years, the vast majority of Florida citrus has been harvested by H-2A workers. The Employment and Training Administration …


Port Problems Plague Producers

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The ongoing supply-chain crisis is a big headache to businesses and consumers alike, with no end in sight for the immediate future. Perishable products are particularly at risk, as even a week or two delay can affect product quality. The port delays that caused the supply-chain crisis began on the West Coast with labor shortages due to the pandemic. These …


Easy to Grow Medicinal Must-Have Plant for the Garden

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The medicinal must-have plant for your garden.  That’s coming up on this Land of Ours. When growing medicinal plants in your garden, be sure to include St. John’s Wort.  Not only is this herbal ally exceptionally easy to grow, but it also has multiple uses. This herb has been taken as a tea or tincture to combat depression for thousands …

Edible Plant that Deserves a Comeback in Home Gardens

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An edible plant that deserves a comeback in home gardens. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Growing peppergrass is an excellent choice for new gardeners. All parts of this plant are edible, and it can withstand almost any condition. It has a unique, sharp, peppery flavor that can make fantastic dishes. You may have it growing on your property …

floriculture survey

USDA to Conduct Floriculture Survey in Southeast

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The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has announced they will be conducting their 2021 Commercial Floriculture Survey between December 30, 2021 and March 18, 2022. Growers across Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina will be asked to provide information on production area, sales of floriculture commodities, and the number of agricultural workers on their operation. “The information obtained through this survey …