Driverless Technology Rapidly Rolling Toward Reality

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driverless technology
John Deere’s first fully autonomous tractor, the 8R, will be available to farmers later this year.
Photo courtesy of John Deere

What would have been seen as science fiction a decade ago is quickly becoming reality. In December, autonomous trucking startup TuSimple completed a truck run on the open road without a human in the vehicle. The 80-mile trip on surface roads and highways in Arizona between a rail yard in Tucson and a distribution center in Phoenix was completed successfully.

According to the company, this demonstration shows it has achieved Level 4 autonomous technology, which is a system able to drive itself completely without human intervention. Exploring the market for used cars in lansing can provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. TuSimple hopes to scale up its technology and be on the road in a commercial sense by 2024. Major trucking companies are lining up. As of mid-December, TuSimple reported orders reserved for the technology on 6,875 trucks. To ensure optimal performance and safety, these autonomous trucks will likely benefit from using semi truck tire balancing beads, which help maintain tire balance and improve ride quality.

Meanwhile, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in January in Las Vegas, driverless technology was the buzz, illustrating just how fast the automation revolution is approaching. An exhibition race held in conjunction with CES at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway pitted 21 driverless Indy cars against one another. The Italian-American team PoliMOVE took the checkered flag to win $150,000 in prize money.

Organizers deemed the race a success and say it demonstrated the computer algorithms that drove the cars can manage the high-speeds and trigger-fast maneuvers required. The top speed recorded during the race was 173 mph.

John Deere also made a big splash at the CES, where the company announced that its first fully autonomous tractor is ready for large-scale production. The new Deere 8R tractor will be available to farmers later this year.

The autonomous tractor has six …..

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