Investments to Growing Animal Feed Indoors

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Forever Feed Technologies announced a multimillion-dollar investment from a renowned group of dairy and agricultural leaders to develop sustainable automated indoor-growing feed mills. The climate-controlled technology will greatly reduce water, land usage, and methane emissions in helping the industry reach its goal of being “climate neutral by 2050. The new investment funds will go to building the largest and most …


Tech Use on Farms

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The facts on internet use on farms may surprise you. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. The USDA’s 2023 Technology Use on Farms report found the areas that have the highest internet use aren’t anywhere near the Silicon Valley. Tony Dorn of the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) explains some of the findings. “As far as the states, …


Funding Available for Rural Broadband

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An unprecedented amount of federal funding is available to expand broadband connectivity across rural America. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Rick Cimerman is vice president of state affairs for NCTA – The Internet and Television Association. He says federal investments can be used most wisely to help close the digital divide that still exists. “I think there …

precision agriculture

AEM Highlight Benefits of Precision Agriculture, Supports Ag Bills

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Many people in farming already know the benefits of precision agriculture but Curt Blades, Senior Vice President of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) says a new study by the association aims to help the public understand. “What we attempted to do at AEM was to quantify those numbers to put them in a way that really would show the …


FAA Rule Change for Farm Drones

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There’s an FAA rule change for some farming operations. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is making it easier to use drones for spraying crops. Arthur Erickson is the CEO and co-founder of Hylio, which designs, manufactures, and sells crop treatment drones. He says the rule change was needed. “Drones hit the scene very rapidly in the last five or six …

lab-grown chicken

USDA Approves Lab-Grown Chicken

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Lab-grown chicken may soon be on the menu. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. The USDA gave two startup companies the go-ahead to sell the country’s first lab-grown chicken products. GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of food tech company Eat Just, Inc., and UPSIDE Foods will be allowed to sell their products that have been cultivated from real animal …


Industry Reps to House Ag: USDA Should Handle Rural Broadband

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by Sabrina Halvorson Six representatives from the broadband and satellite industries testified at a House Agriculture Committee hearing Wednesday on the digital divide, or the lack of some digital services in rural America. Committee Ranking Member, Representative David Scott of Georgia, asked the witnesses if USDA was the right agency to handle the issue of rural broadband. “They know rural …


Expert Says Innovation Crucial for the Future of Ag

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The future of ag relies on innovation. That message came from Dr. Daniel Sumner, from the Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Davis. He was speaking at the Agri-Pulse Food and Ag Issues Summit West, held in Sacramento, California on Monday. The event pulled together agricultural leaders to discuss the industry from several different angles. …


Efforts to Restrict Drone Surveillance of Livestock Facilities

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In the state of Iowa, the House of Representatives passed a bill last week that restricts drone surveillance of livestock facilities without permission from the property owner. If Iowa House File 572 becomes law, remotely piloted aircraft couldn’t fly within 400 feet of homesteads or other areas where animals are kept. People caught in violation would face a simple misdemeanor …