Mexico Turning to EU and Others to Replace U.S. Pork Imports

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Mexico is turning to the European Union and Latin America to offset any potential declines in U.S. pork imports. Mexico recently announced a 20 percent tariff on U.S. pork shoulders and legs starting next month in response to steel and aluminum tariffs placed on Mexico by the Trump administration. Mexican officials told Politico the nation will allow 350,000 tons of …


Trade Retaliation Already Hurting Pork Producers

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The National Pork Producers called for a swift resolution to the U.S.-China trade dispute because pork producers are feeling the pain. Iowa State University Economist Dermot Hayes says U.S. pork farmers have lost $2.2 billion on an annualized basis. The losses are a direct result of the events leading up to and following China’s 25 percent punitive tariffs in retaliation …


House Members Want Thailand Ban of U.S. Pork Ended

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Members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to Taiwan’s Ambassador to the U.S. asking for the removal of import restrictions on American agricultural products, including pork. The bipartisan letter was signed by 44 House members and sponsored by Republican David Young of Iowa and Wisconsin Democrat Ron Kind. The letter calls for the U.S. to suspend trade benefits …


House Members Call for End to Thailand’s Ban on U.S. Pork

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Members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter to Virachai Plasai, ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the United States, calling for the removal of restrictions on imports of U.S. farm products, including U.S. pork. The bipartisan letter – signed by 44 members and sponsored by Representatives David Young, R-IA, and Ron Kind, D-WI – calls for the …


USDA Proposes Rule to Eliminate Redundant Hog Carcass Cleaning Regulation

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The Department of Agriculture last week proposed to amend federal meat inspection regulations to repeal what USDA calls a redundant regulatory requirement for hog slaughter establishments. The Food Safety and Inspection Service says the proposed rule would remove a redundant requirement that requires hog slaughter establishments to clean hog carcasses before cutting. Establishments are required to have a Hazard Analysis …


Livestock, Milk Production and Income-Southern Region

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Cash Receipts for Meat Animals Up/Milk Production Increased Total 2017 production of meat animals (cattle and calves and hogs and pigs) for the United States totaled 81.7 billion pounds, up 4 percent from 2016. Production increased 4 percent for cattle and calves and 3 percent for hogs and pigs. Total 2017 cash receipts from marketings of meat animals increased 7 percent to …


USDA Trims Red Meat Production Numbers

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USDA slightly reduced its projections for red meat and poultry production in 2018. The forecast is slightly lower than last month, primarily due to a drop in beef production, which will more than offset increased pork and turkey production. The latest World Ag Supply and Demand Estimates Report says broiler production remains unchanged. USDA sees lower cattle slaughter and weights, …


Celebrating National Meatball Day

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Cathy Isom finishes out this week of celebrating food with one food holiday that you can literally have a ball. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Celebrating National Meatball Day Friday, March 9th is National Meatball Day. This unofficial food holiday is a perfect way to celebrate the little orbs of meat that makes so many dishes special. …