Vilsack: Farm Bill Beneficial to Farmers Raises Financing Questions

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Thomas J. Vilsack
United States Secretary of Agriculture
Official USDA photo by Tom Witham

The U.S House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have both put forth their proposed versions of the Farm Bill with markups happening to finalize those drafts. Many agriculture groups have expressed support for the House version of the bill, yet it is this version that has drawn the ire of Senate Democrats.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack held a press call Wednesday, May 22, to discuss which Farm Bill version preferred. After aiming at the House version for cutting nutrition programs to fund farmer related priorities, he lauded the Senate Democrat version for seeking out additional funding for the bill.

As the House version of the Farm Bill received wide support from across agriculture, I asked Secretary Vilsack how he contends with essentially telling farmers and ranchers that they are wrong for supporting a bill that is beneficial to them.

Listen below for his response.

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