Agriculture’s ‘Do No Harm’ Message Getting Through?

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Agriculture’s ‘do no harm’ message to those renegotiating NAFTA seems to be getting through…but will it bear fruit? American Farm Bureau trade adviser Dave Salmonsen says a joint letter from AFBF and the Canadian and Mexican farm associations to their respective governments, is getting the message across But while the negotiators say publicly they seek to preserve the pact’s gains …


Not All Ag Groups Happy with Direction of NAFTA Talks

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A handful of farm groups says the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation goals favor corporate agribusiness over family farmers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Politico reports that a coalition of farm groups argues that increasing exports won’t replace the need for fair prices in disputes such as the one over Canada’s dairy supply management system, along with eliminating …


Canada Bringing Guarded Optimism to NAFTA Talks

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Canada is bringing a mix of optimism and dread at the thought of damaging its most important trading relationship as the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations begin this week. The Washington Post reports Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently spoke to the National Governors Association conference in July, making a pitch for free trade. Trudeau told the governors, “Free …


NAFTA Renegotiations Start Wednesday

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The renegotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) get underway on August 16th. Canada, Mexico, and the United States can sit down at a table to update the 20-year-old agreement. Former Chief Agricultural Trade Negotiator Darci Vetter said the upcoming negotiations represent an opportunity for needed updates to the agreement. Vetter talks about certain parts of NAFTA that …


Pork Industry Concerned about U.S. Trade Tensions with China

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The pork industry is concerned that new U.S. trade tensions with China could result in retaliation against U.S. farm sectors. National Pork Producers Spokesman Dave Warner says the Trump Administration is right to deal with countries that discriminate against U.S. exports, just as it will in NAFTA talks starting this month. China may be considering a retaliatory response, including against …

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Agri View: Export Trade

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Everett Griner talks about the export trade in America in today’s Agri View.       Every grade school child is taught that farming feeds us. I don’t suppose they are taught that agriculture is the biggest industry in the world. And, here is something very few adults are aware of. Most of what our farmers grow are sold to …

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Senate Democrats Revive Bill to End Cuba Embargo

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Senate Democrats are pushing back against President Trump concerning Cuba, reviving a bill to lift the U.S. embargo. In mid-June, Trump rolled back former President Barack Obama’s historic opening to the island. The group of Senators, led by Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden, introduced the U.S.-Cuba Trade Act of 2017, which would establish normal trade relations with the island nation, in …


Mexico Releases NAFTA Goals

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Mexico says it plans to prioritize free access for goods and services in the upcoming North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Negotiations. Mexico this week announced the nation’s goals for the renegotiation effort, set to begin August 16th. Mexico is also seeking greater labor market integration and a strengthening of energy security, according to Reuters. Additionally, Mexico is looking to …

Trucks Carry Majority of NAFTA Freight

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Trucks carry more freight between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement than railcars. The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics last week reported that trucks carried 63.4 percent of NAFTA freight between May 2016 and May 2017. U.S.-NAFTA freight totaled $98.2 billion during that time, with trucks accounting for $32.2 billion of the …