Syngenta Offers Fungicides for Pecan and Peanut Growers

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For both pecan and peanut growers, Syngenta offers fungicides that allow growers to be confident with disease protection. For peanuts, Miravis is a once-in-a-lifetime fungicide for controlling leaf spot, providing game-changing potency and residual up to 28 days. For pecans, Miravis Top is the first group 7 to have high efficacy on scab to be registered in the marketplace. It will help with resistance issues that …


UGA Extension Peanut Agronomist Projects 2020 Acreage

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Acreage for Georgia’s peanut crop this year is not expected to decrease, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Peanut Agronomist Scott Monfort. Whether it stays the same or increases from last year’s 660,000 acres is contingent on how growers proceed with other row crops like cotton and corn. “I think it would be very good to say that we’re …


2019 Peanut Crop Estimates

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released its final estimates for the 2019 peanut crop. According to Tyron Spearman, a downward revision from the December production forecast reflects lower yields in the Southeast.  


Protein-Rich Snack to Grow in Your Garden

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Cathy Isom lets you know about the popular protein-rich snack that you should consider growing in your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Although the peanut is native to South America, it can be grown in several different climates. In fact, versatile peanut plants can withstand light autumn frosts and shorter springs. With the right conditions, you’ll …

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More Peanuts to Sell

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USDA has announced some forfeited peanuts from Peanut Invitation No. 9 were sold. But according to Tyron Spearman, the remaining tonnage will be offered again in the No. 10 peanut sale.