Farmers Earn 12 Cents of Thanksgiving Food Dollar

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(NAFB) — For every dollar Americans spend on Thanksgiving dinner this year, farmers and ranchers will earn about 11.9 cents. The National Farmers Union says that marks a slight drop from 2019 when farmers claimed 12.5 cents of the Thanksgiving food dollar. Though farmers’ smaller share of food expenditures could be blamed on dropping commodity prices in previous years, it’s …


Tax Reform Proposals Jeopardize Essential Farm Program Funding

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Lawmakers in Congress are considering major changes to the nation’s tax system after a pair of tax reform bills were introduced in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. While the jury is still out on how the plans would impact farmers’ and ranchers’ effective tax rates, new analysis shows that the plans, if passed into law, …


NFU on USDA Farmer Fair Practices Rule Decision

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Earlier this week, the Department of Agriculture announced it would be terminating the Farmer Fair Practices Rule on Competitive Injury. A rule that, according to the National Farmers Unions, would have provided the most basic of protections to American family farmers and ranchers as they endure increasingly concentrated markets and unfair treatment from multinational meatpackers. NFU President Roger Johnson says …

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Farmers Union Relieved by Failed ACA Repeal Vote

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The National Farmers Union released a statement Friday announcing “relief” by the failed Senate vote on a so-called skinny repeal of parts of the Affordable Care Act. NFU says the bill would have risked access to health care for 16 million people and marketplace stability. Farmers Union President Roger Johnson says rural residents, including farmers and ranchers, need and desire …


Antitrust Institute, NFU, Say Monsanto-Bayer Merger Puts Farmers at Risk

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The American Antitrust Institute (AAI), Food & Water Watch (FWW), and National Farmers Union (NFU) sent a joint letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on the proposed merger between agricultural input giants Bayer AG and Monsanto Co. The three groups offered their in-depth analysis of how the proposed deal would likely harm competition, farmers, and consumers. The letter notes that …


National Farmers Union Submits NAFTA Comments to USTR

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The National Farmers Union is urging the Donald Trump administration to craft a new, fair trade framework for international trade deals that benefits rural America through the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. In public comments submitted to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, NFU President Roger Johnson highlighted the alleged shortcomings of the United States’ current free trade …


NFU Urges Immediate Adoption of Farmer Fair Practices Rules

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The Farmer Fair Practices Rules, a set of three rules that provide very basic protections for farmers and ranchers, were released in December 2016 to address the most anti-competitive and abusive practices levied against family farmers by meatpackers and processors. Because the rules are being reviewed by the new administration, National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging the U.S. Department of …


Ag Groups Respond to White House Budget Cuts

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President Trump’s Budget is an Assault on the Farm Safety Net and Rural Communities, National Farmers Union Says President Donald J. Trump issued the detailed fiscal year 2018 federal budget proposal, recommending drastic cuts to agricultural and rural related agencies and programs. The proposal would cut Farm Bill programs by nearly $230 billion and slash the U.S. Department of Agriculture …


NFU, Coalition of Rural Organizations Oppose Elimination of Rural Development Mission Area and Under Secretary

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Highlighting the important work carried out by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development, National Farmers Union (NFU) and a diverse coalition of rural organizations are calling on Congress to prevent any attempt to eliminate the Rural Development Mission Area (RD) and the Office of the Under Secretary for Rural Development. The groups outlined their concerns in a letter to members …