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NFU on USDA Farmer Fair Practices Rule Decision

Dan Beef, Industry News Release, Livestock

farmersEarlier this week, the Department of Agriculture announced it would be terminating the Farmer Fair Practices Rule on Competitive Injury.

A rule that, according to the National Farmers Unions, would have provided the most basic of protections to American family farmers and ranchers as they endure increasingly concentrated markets and unfair treatment from multinational meatpackers.

NFU President Roger Johnson says he is deeply disappointed that USDA did not side with family farmers in the long-contested debate over rules for the Packers and Stockyards Act.

Johnson went on to say the USDA’s decision Tuesday has given the green light to the few multinational meatpackers that dominate the market to discriminate against family farmers.

Johnson says NFU will pursue congressional action that addresses competition issues moving forward.