China May Be Getting U.S. Soybeans Through the Backdoor

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It’s possible that Chinese soybean buyers could still be getting American soybeans by purchasing their beans from Argentina. Export reports show that Argentina is buying soybeans from the U.S. and exporting its own production to China. However, a grain market expert says that’s not likely because a drought left Argentina grain stocks in short supply. “The issue is that Argentina …


Updated KORUS Protects Current Market Share

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The new KORUS agreement offers a sigh of relief for U.S. beef and pork. The U.S. Meat Export Federation says the market access terms secured in the original KORUS not only helped increase U.S. red meat’s market share in South Korea, but also bolstered consumption by making U.S. beef and pork products more affordable and accessible to Korean consumers. Those …


Agriculture Trade Surplus to Shrink

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Agriculture is consistently one of the few areas of the American economy that sells more overseas than it buys. However, Farm Journal’s Ag Web Dot Com says that’s going to drop in the upcoming year. The surplus is set to shrink as shipments to China collapse because of the trade war with the U.S. A government forecast says the world’s …


China Grain Imports Plunge Amidst Tariffs

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Imports of grain to China plunged in July after rounds of heavy tariffs between the U.S. and China were enacted. Data reviewed by Reuters shows China imported 220,000 metric tons of sorghum in July, down 62.5 percent from 588,300 metric tons a year ago. The imports were also below June’s 450,000 metric tons, when buyers scooped up U.S. shipments of …


Farm Export Prices Post Large Declines

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U.S. agriculture export prices fell 5.3 percent last month. Data released by the U.S. Department of Labor shows the decline is the largest drop in farm exports since 2011. The decline in July followed a one percent decrease in June, which followed a 1.6 percent increase in May. The department says a 14.1 percent drop in soybean prices was the …


Agri View: Tension Affecting Farm Exports

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Everett Griner talks about how the tension of the trade war, and the tariff issue, has affected our soybean exports in today’s Agri View. Tension Affecting Farm Exports Soybeans are one of America’s largest crops. In total acreage it ranks right up there with cotton and corn. It goes without saying that imports are important. Up until recently China was …


China: U.S. Agriculture May Never Bounce Back

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China threatens that U.S. agriculture won’t recover from the tit-for-tat trade war between the two countries. In the South China Morning Post, a government official warned that U.S. agriculture may never regain lost market share stemming from the trade war. China alleges that “many countries have the willingness” and capacity to take over market share occupied by U.S. goods. Since …


U.S. Poultry Gains New Market Access in Morocco

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U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced today that the government of Morocco has agreed to allow commercial imports of U.S. poultry meat and products into Morocco for the first time. “The Trump Administration continues to prioritize the opening of new markets for U.S. agricultural products.  This new access to the Moroccan market is …


Chinese Ag Tariff List Grows Longer

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China announced on Friday that it’s ready and willing to put tariffs on another $60 billion worth of American imports. If it follows through on the threat, the total tariff bill on American goods will be $130 billion. Agriculture continues to be on the hit list. Politico says an informal translation of the new list includes hops, maple syrup, whey …