Agri View: Cattlemen COOL Legal Battle

Dan Agri View, Beef, Cattle

Everett Griner talks about why the cattlemen are fighting the COOL legal battle. Everett explains why they lost this round in the courts in today’s Agri View. Cattlemen COOL Legal Battle Violation of the the Country of Origin Label (COOL) has cost producers in one location of the country a lot of money. One section is the only location they …


Agri View: Scholarships for Agriculture Students

Dan Agri View, Education

Everett Griner talks about our colleges and universities providing scholarships for agriculture students in today’s Agri View. Scholarships for Agriculture Students You know, more and more of our colleges and universities are offering scholarships to students to study agriculture. It’s hard to count the ways this helps agriculture. Just remember, it wasn’t to many decades ago that farmers were among …


Agri View: Tension Affecting Farm Exports

Dan Agri View, Exports/Imports, Soybeans

Everett Griner talks about how the tension of the trade war, and the tariff issue, has affected our soybean exports in today’s Agri View. Tension Affecting Farm Exports Soybeans are one of America’s largest crops. In total acreage it ranks right up there with cotton and corn. It goes without saying that imports are important. Up until recently China was …

honey bee losses

Agri View: Honey Bee Losses Continue to Rise

Dan Agri View, Fruits, Vegetables

Everett Griner talks about the research which goes on across the country as the honey bee losses continue to rise in today’s Agri View. Honey Bee Losses Continue to Rise One of the organizations that keeps track of the honey bee situation since long before the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) problem has issues another of it’s annual reports. It isn’t …