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USDA Investment in Rural Electric Infrastructure

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Putting billions into rural electric infrastructure. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. The USDA is investing $2.7 billion to help 64 electric cooperatives and utilities expand and modernize the nation’s rural electric grid and increase grid security. The announcement came from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Monday. He said the investments will benefit rural people and businesses in many ways for …


EIA Expects Continued High Energy Prices Through 2023

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that a variety of U.S. energy prices will remain historically high through 2023. The outlook includes oil, natural gas, coal, and electricity, as seen in EIA’s June 2022 Short-Term Energy Outlook. EIA Administrator Joe DeCarolis says, “Although we expect the current upward pressure on energy prices to lessen, high energy prices will likely remain prevalent in …

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Gas Prices Rising Over Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Renewables an Obvious Answer

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Gas prices just hit an eight-year record as the Russia-Ukraine conflict agitates energy markets, but the biofuels industry argues renewables from corn and soybeans remain a viable solution. U.S. sanctions and the Russian oil and natural gas export limits are all fueling higher gas prices up 20-cents in a month, 88-cents from a year ago. Here is President Joe Biden. …


Study Combines Sheep Grazing and Solar Energy Production

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A recent study published in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems details the effects of combining solar panels and lamb grazing on overall land productivity. New research carried out by Oregon State University scientists in 2019 and 2020 is believed to be the first study of its kind. The team compared the differences between lamb growth in traditional open pastures, with that of …