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USDA Food Safety Official: Consumer Reports Article not Accurate

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A USDA food safety official says this week’s Consumer Reports article critical of USDA meat and poultry residue testing procedures is not accurate. Gary Crawford has the story. USDA Food Safety Official – Consumer Reports Article not Accurate-1 Carmen Rottenberg, Administrator of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, in reaction to this week’s Consumer Reports article, says USDA does extensive …


Agroterrorism: American Food Supply a Growing Concern In DC

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What’s being done to keep the American food supply safe and allow farmers to continue to produce the food and fiber the nation needs? That was one of several topics discussed during a Senate hearing Wednesday. General Richard Myers, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for President George W. Bush, was asked what currently keeps him up at …


Higher Supplies Keeping Consumer Meat Prices Lower

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Higher supplies of meat will continue to pressure consumer prices lower, according to a forecast by the Department of Agriculture. The USDA Economic Research Service Food Price Outlook predicts beef and veal prices to decrease one to two percent in 2017 but increase the same amount in 2018. That’s because, in August, the U.S. cattle herd was at its highest …


McDonald’s Announces Global Antibiotic Phase Out

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McDonald’s Corporation announced it’ll be expanding its effort to cut back on the use of antibiotics critical to human health across the global chicken supply. The fast food giant will require its poultry suppliers to phase out drugs categorized under the highest priority category in the World Health Organization’s four categories by January of next year. Those antibiotics will disappear …