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Japan Reopens to American Lamb

Dan Exports/Imports, Sheep-Goats

Last week, USDA announced the government of Japan had finalized technical requirements that will allow U.S. sheep and goat exports into the country for the first time in almost 15 years. American Sheep Industry (ASI) Executive Director, Peter Orwick, says they have been working since 2003 to restore this export market. Japan Reopens to American Lamb This announcement comes after extensive work …


Sustainability Efforts in the Wool Industry

Dan Sheep-Goats

We talked yesterday again about the sustainability efforts in the beef industry. But other sectors of agriculture are also working on sustainability, including the sheep and wool industry. The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) recently provided information through Dr. Paul Swan from Australia, International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) technical advisor on sustainability and the wool life-cycle analysis. He says it’s …


Wool Exports Increase 24 Percent

Dan Industry News Release, Sheep-Goats

Wool exports increased 24 percent during the 2017 marketing year. Exports of U.S. wool increased 8.64 million lbs. to total more than 25 million lbs. for the year. The American Sheep Industry Association says work in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service has been “vital in the expansion of American wool exports.” China remains the top export …

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Study Shows Positive Impact of American Sheep Industry

Dan Industry News Release, Sheep-Goats

A new Sheep Industry Economic Impact Study completed recently shows that sheep continue to be a good investment for America. The impact analysis revealed that every one dollar spent in sheep and sheep-related production added an additional $2.87 to the American economy in 2016, nearly three times the initial investment. Among some of the study’s findings, a $2.02 billion investment …