Grassley Asking for Investigation in Meatpackers

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(NAFB) — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is calling on the U.S. Departments of Justice and Agriculture to investigate potential market manipulation and other illegal activity by meatpackers in the cattle industry. Grassley, a longtime advocate for agriculture in the Senate, says, “With the shelf prices of meat at record highs and the high rate of concentration in the meatpacking industry, …


Grassley Owns Lone Committee Vote Against Senate Farm Bill

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Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was the only member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to vote against the farm bill during Wednesday’s markup session. Grassley aired-out two concerns to the committee that led to his vote against the otherwise bipartisan bill. Grassley sought stronger payment limits to farmers in the bill, an idea he has long-supported. During a speech earlier this …


Study: RFS Impact on Refinery Profitability Minimal

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Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s energy policy staff analyzed recent claims by opponents of the Renewable Fuels Standard, specifically as it relates to the bankruptcy of Philadelphia Energy Solutions. The company attributed its recent filing in part to the RFS. The analysis found that the biofuels blending requirement and the cost of the Renewable Identification Number credits both have little to …


Lack of Budget Deal Making Farm Bill Efforts Harder

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The lack of a budget deal so far to keep the government open, is frustrating efforts to write a new farm bill–and its would-be authors. Farm bills are never easy to write, and some have taken a couple of years or more to enact. And, this is an election year—never an easy time to do any legislating. But, the ongoing …


Setting Aside Money In Case of NAFTA Failure?

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A Politico report shows just how worried some lawmakers are about the potential failure of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations. Officials began talking on Tuesday about putting together a potential bailout of sorts for farmers. During a conference call Tuesday morning, Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said he was going to ask U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer …

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Grassley Slams EPA RFS Proposal to Cut Biodiesel

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced it’s considering a new proposal to reduce 2018 biodiesel, advanced biofuel, and total Renewable Fuel Standard volumes, in addition to a prior proposal to cut 2019 volumes. that has ethanol supporters ‘hopping mad.’ Ethanol Industry groups swiftly responded with press releases that the EPA proposal was unjustified, unneeded, contrary to the RFS’s intent, and would …

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Grassley Bill Would Ban Packer Ownership of Livestock

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A bill reintroduced in the U.S. Senate last week by Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley seeks to ban packer ownership of livestock. A news release from his office says the Senator is concerned about the continued impact of consolidation within the livestock industry. Grassley says over the last several decades large packing companies in the poultry and pork industries have …