Grassley Owns Lone Committee Vote Against Senate Farm Bill

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Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was the only member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to vote against the farm bill during Wednesday’s markup session. Grassley aired-out two concerns to the committee that led to his vote against the otherwise bipartisan bill.



Grassley sought stronger payment limits to farmers in the bill, an idea he has long-supported. During a speech earlier this week, Grassley stated: “I do not believe in unlimited subsidies,” mentioning those included in the House bill. Grassley says farm programs “should provide temporary, limited assistance,” and later announced intention to offer an amendment on the Senate floor to include payment limits.

During the markup session Wednesday, Grassley also said he had concerns with language in the bill regarding the cultivation of hemp that is supported by Senate leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Grassley believes that McConnell’s bill should go through the Judiciary Committee, of which Grassley chairs.

McConnell says he worked with the Justice Department and the Food and Drug Administration when crafting the language of the bill.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.