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Final 2020-2021 Orange Crop Forecast for Brazil

Dan Citrus, Crop Forecasts

The final 2020-2021 orange crop forecast for the São Paulo and West-Southwest Minas Gerais citrus belt was released today by Fundecitrus and its cooperators. Brazil’s orange ….. Total 2020-2021 orange production included: ….. Read the full report of the Final 2020-2021 Orange Crop Forecast for Brazil on the Citrus Industry website.


Drought and Heat Harm Brazil’s Harvest

Dan Citrus, Exports/Imports

There is a saying among those who have been in the industry for a long time: “There is no citrus harvest like the other.” Growers are facing production challenges in the current harvest season in Brazil. Hot, Dry Conditions The first signs of a decrease in the season’s fruit crop were given by last year’s (August to September 2019) bloom. …


Brazil’s Orange Forecast: Less Fruit, More Drop

Dan Citrus, Crop Forecasts

The 2020–21 orange crop forecast for the São Paulo and West-Southwest Minas Gerais citrus belt in Brazil is 269.36 million boxes. The updated forecast was published Dec. 10 by Fundecitrus and its cooperators. The decrease of 17.36 million boxes represents a 6 percent decline in crop size from the September forecast update. ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONSExpected production was significantly hindered by late …

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Perdue Defends Brazilian Beef Import Decision

Dan Beef, Exports/Imports

Late last month, we told you the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) had reopened the door for imports of raw beef from Brazil into the U.S. The USDA said the world’s largest beef exporter had taken the right steps to improve its food-safety inspection system, bringing it up to U.S. standards. And in a story from Stephanie Ho, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue lays …

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Brazil’s Implementation of Tariff Rate Quota for Wheat a Win for American Farmers

Dan Exports/Imports, Industry News Release, Trade, Wheat

(USDA) — U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue welcome Brazil’s implementation of an annual duty-free tariff rate quota (TRQ) of 750,000 metric tons (MT) of wheat imports. For many years, Brazil failed to implement its obligation under the WTO to establish a TRQ for wheat. Brazil’s implementation of this TRQ fulfills a commitment made …

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Brazil Soybean Supplies Running Low

Dan Industry News Release, Soybeans

Soybean crushers in Brazil are running low on soybeans as they face tougher competition from Chinese buyers over the remaining 2017-2018 season supplies. A Bloomberg report says crushers in Brazil worked with negative margins since the second half of September. The pace of processing has slowed since the soy rally has doubled premiums this year, putting a squeeze on domestic …

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China Passing on U.S. Soybeans, Purchasing from Brazil

Dan Exports/Imports, Industry News Release, Soybeans, Trade

China soybean processors are purchasing record volumes of Brazilian soybeans and cutting purchases of U.S. soybeans. U.S. soybeans face steep tariffs in China thanks to the ongoing tit-for-tat trade war between the U.S. and China. A Singapore-based trader told Reuters that China is “willing to pay higher prices for Brazilian beans than what domestic crushers are paying.” Brazil’s typical soybean …


Brazil to Plant Record Soy Crop for 2018/19

Dan Industry News Release, Soybeans

Farmers from Brazil are expected to plant another record soybean crop. This would be the 12th consecutive year that Brazil plants a record land area of soybeans, amid strong demand from Asia. Reuters reports that Brazil is likely to expand the area to a record 36.28 million hectares, the equivalent to 89.65 million acres, this season, which farmers will start …


Brazilian Judge Suspends Glyphosate Use

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

A Brazilian judge has suspended the use of products containing glyphosate. The federal judge halted new registrations of products containing glyphosate and will suspend existing registrations while the Brazilian government reevaluates the toxicity of glyphosate products, according to Reuters. The decision, however, could face several appeals. Brazil’s public health agency, as well as the Agriculture Ministry, have announced plans to …

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Brazil Trucker Strike Disrupting Ag Exports

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The Brazilian trucker strike has officially disrupted supply and exports of farm products from one of the biggest ag exporting countries in the world. A Reuters report says Brazil is the top exporter of soybeans, sugar, coffee, and chickens. The strike over high fuel prices has brought Latin America’s largest economy to a complete stop. Roads are empty and major …