Bacon Supplies Are Growing

Dan Pork

Monday, August 20th, will be National Bacon Lovers Day and if you are a bacon lover, there’s some good news. According to USDA livestock analyst Shayle Shagam, bacon production and supplies are growing now, and could continue to grow next year. Bacon Supplies Are Growing


KSU Researchers Looking for New Ways to Preserve Bacon

Dan Industry News Release, Pork

Kansas State University researchers are looking into the question of whether or not an antioxidant could increase the sizzle in America’s love affair with bacon. Meat scientists have known for a long time that meat doesn’t taste as good the longer it sits, even if it’s in the refrigerator. KSU Meat Scientist Terry Houser says the fat in the meat …

Analysts say Bacon Shortage Not Likely

Taylor Hillman Industry News Release, Pork

Despite record low U.S. pork belly inventories, analysts say a bacon shortage is not likely. In early February, the Ohio Pork Council fueled alarms by publicizing that pork belly stocks were at their lowest levels in half a century. While the group added there was not an actual bacon shortage, several media outlets published reports suggesting otherwise.

Growing Pork Supply Likely Means Lower Bacon Prices

Dan Pork

You may have recently seen a story that the very high demand for bacon has driven pork belly supplies to record lows, prompting talk of a nationwide bacon shortage. But, the pork industry remains confident it can keep up with the increasing demand, and a USDA analyst debunks reports of an impending shortage. As a matter of fact, USDA livestock …