Crop Reports Released

Randall Weiseman Corn, Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans

USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service released the November 1st crop estimates this morning, as Shiela Corley in Washington D.C. runs through the cotton numbers. Report (2:40 mp3) AL Report (1:30 mp3) GA Report (1:55 mp3) And when it comes to peanuts and other crops, Southeast Agnet’s Tyron Spearman has a rundown of those numbers. Report (1:40 mp3)

Harvest Progress Continues

Randall Weiseman Corn, Cotton, Peanuts

Overall, peanut harvest is still behind what’s normal for this time of year, while the cotton & corn harvest is ahead…..that is in some areas it is.   Report (1:00 mp3) USDA NASS


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Being the dog lovers we are around the network headquarters, I thought I’d share this commentary in particular. It’s from Southeast AgNet’s long-time commentary producer, Everett Griner. He first did this one many years ago, and I recently asked him to do it again so it would become part of these network on-line archives. By the way, in case you’re …

Cotton & Corn Up Peanuts & Soybeans Down

Randall Weiseman Corn, Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans

According to this mornings report, the forecast put out by USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service has the cotton and corn crops up, but peanut and soybean crops down.  Report (1:30 mp3) To see the numbers, Click Here USDA NASS

Florida Farmers Sought for Fuel Crops Production Contracts

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Alan Banks is President/CEO of Losonoco Inc, a company presently building Florida’s first ethanol plant in Bartow. Banks wants to talk to Florida farmers and citrus growers about contracting for materials for the plant, set to go on line in 2008. Listen to the entire interview in this report, particularly at the very end where Banks says to Florida Farmers, …