World Dairy Expo Continues

Randall Weiseman Cattle, Dairy, Livestock

The World Dairy Expo has been underway in Madison, Wisconsin as events there continue through Saturday.  Report (:35 mp3)  To learn more log on to   or


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Being the dog lovers we are around the network headquarters, I thought I’d share this commentary in particular. It’s from Southeast AgNet’s long-time commentary producer, Everett Griner. He first did this one many years ago, and I recently asked him to do it again so it would become part of these network on-line archives. By the way, in case you’re …

New Partner to Promote Animal ID

Randall Weiseman Cattle, Dairy, Livestock, Pork

USDA Under Secretary Bruce Knight announced a new partner in efforts to get more premises registered in the National Animal ID System, and also said a new business plan would be coming out this fall.  Report (1:30 mp3)

Popular FL Congressman With Strong Caution on Farm Bill Draft

Gary Cooper Citrus, Dairy, Florida, General, Livestock, Sugar, Vegetables

Congressman Adam Putnam says while yes, there are some good things for Florida citrus and other agriculture segments in the recently passed House version of the Farm Bill, there are also some very negative aspects to the bill that could outweigh the positives. In this report, hear Putnam’s pointed comments about a severe loss of conservation funding if the bill …

Animal ID Tracking System

Randall Weiseman Cattle, Dairy, Livestock, Pork

The Animal Identification System consists of 3 components, one of which is animal tracking.  The head of APHIS, Dr. Ron DeHaven, discusses where things stand with that part of the system.  Report (1:30 mp3)