Power of Meat

2023 Power of Meat Research Released at Annual Meat Conference

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Power of Meat

During the recent Annual Meat Conference, research from the latest Power of Meat Study showed consumers’ meat usage, attitudes, and trends was released. The report says 2022 meat sales rose 5.7 percent versus 2021, and almost 87 percent of all home-prepared dinners featured meat or poultry. Also, more than 98 percent of shoppers make meat purchases.

Inflation is becoming an issue for the entire meat industry. Consumers spent at least 25 percent more on food in 2022 than in 2019. Economic conditions are prompting 76 percent of Americans to change what groceries they purchase. The POM report says 50 percent of meat eaters purchase meat and poultry for use over the next few days after the sale.


Price plays a much more important role among younger meat eaters, while Boomers emphasize quality and appearance. The total package price rose in importance during prior years, but shoppers emphasize value as quality going hand-in-hand with the price.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)