New Study Highlights Partnership Benefits of Farmers and Chicken Companies

Dan Poultry


The National Chicken Council (NCC) this week released a study that presents the results of a recent broiler industry survey. It was designed to capture key live chicken production statistics, and summarize several key trends in broiler production efficiency, returns and loan quality data.

According to the most recent USDA data available, the $68,455 median income for chicken farmers was significantly higher than both all farm households and all U.S. households. The top 20 percent of contract chicken farmers earn on average $142,000, significantly higher than the top 20 percent of all farm households.


In terms of broiler farm loan performance, data show significantly lower charge off and deficiency percentages for chicken farmers compared to all agricultural loans. In 2021, only six percent of respondent’s farmers left their company, including retirements. Of those, only 0.7 percent of farmers left due to contract termination.

The report also notes the health and well-being of the chickens has greatly benefited from the contract farming structure. In 2021, the average on-farm livability of a flock of U.S. broiler chickens was almost 95 percent. Farmers who furnish live chicken housing have captured this benefit of better chicken performance.

The full study can be accessed by clicking here.