Cotton Trust Protocol: GCC Encourages Producer Participation

Clint Thompson Cotton, Georgia Cotton Commission


The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) continues to encourage state producers to enroll in the Cotton Trust Protocol. The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol was established by growers through the National Cotton Council to promote sustainability efforts of the American cotton producer.

Just recently, the National Cotton Council announced that U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol had passed a milestone of welcoming more than 300 brand, retailer, mill and manufacturer members. It’s an impressive feat since it has only been six months since the program enrollment opened.

“It’s a new American Cotton industry-led sustainability program. They have far outreached their goal on brands, retailers and mills signing up to be a part of their program. For years, the United States has been ahead of the curve on safe, sustainably produced cotton,” said GCC Executive Director Taylor Sills. “These brands and retailers know that to buy the sustainable cotton that their customers want, they need to come to the United States to get it. For the growers, if you haven’t signed up yet, please do because there’s obviously a market for your product out there through the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol.”

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