Planting the Best Nectar Plants for Pollinators

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The best nectar plants for pollinators. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Create a pollinator-friendly garden by choosing at least three must-have plants and aiming for blooms throughout as many seasons as possible. Single-petal flowers are easiest for bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators to reach; double-petal varieties are showier but offer less nectar and accessible pollen.

Torch Lily also known as red-hot poker—produces loads of nectar throughout the hottest days of summer. They are exceptionally easy to grow with a wide hardiness range, and are a great addition to any full-sun planting spot.


Bee balm is a magnet for pollinators. It’s low maintenance and deer resistant.

Honeybees love Lavender. They have a special affinity for the fragrant herb’s nectar and pollen.

Salvia attracts bees galore to the garden.  It’s drought resistant and adds a lovely fragrance to the garden.

Beardtongue is also a gorgeous native plant that gives pollinators the nectar they are looking for.

Pollinators will also love Fuschia, Anisse Hyssop, Thyme, and CatMint.

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Planting the Best Nectar Plants for Pollinators