Steps to Transplanting Your Plants for Survival

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A beginners guide to transplanting your plants.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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After you start your seeds and sprout your seedlings, the next step is transplanting your plants into your garden. There are a few ways to prepare to do this so your plants survive and thrive.  Timing is everything.

First, make sure to check the first and last frost dates and find the right location where the plants will go. Prepare garden beds ahead of time and test the soil.


The best way to decide whether or not your plant is big enough to go outside is to look at the number of true leaves. The general rule to follow is that a seedling is big enough to go outside when it has 3-4 true leaves.

One of the most important parts of preparing to transplant your plants is the hardening off process. This is when you will introduce your plants to life outside. Hardening off takes time; each day, you have to move your plants outside then back inside. Start this process about 10-14 days before you plant to put your plants into the ground.

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Steps to Transplanting Your Plants for Survival