What to Cross Off Your Gardening To-Do List This Month

Dan This Land of Ours

What to cross off your gardening to do list this month.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Depending on your hardiness zone, July might be a good time to give plants another blast of fertilizer before they can harden off and survive the next winter. Or, it might be time to stake some of those tall floppy flowers.  Be sure to double check that your plants are getting enough water. You may need to consider a soaker hose to prevent evaporation in the hot summer air.  Adding some fresh mulch is always a good thing to do around this time.  Pull out the scissors and deadhead flowering annuals so they’ll produce more blooms. Remove spent blooms.  A light pruning will perk them up with strong new flowering growth.

July is also a good month to start thinking about the fall garden. Preparations should include getting the space and soil ready and deciding exactly what you want to plant. One suggestion, plant tomatoes and peppers as well as pumpkins that you will enjoy in the months ahead.

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What to Cross Off Your Gardening To-Do List This Month