Ways to Help Against the Battle of the Weeds in Your Garden

Josh McGill This Land of Ours

There are two types of weeds. The first type produces enormous quantities of seeds. These weeds are easy to pull or hoe, but new ones keep appearing. The second type is harder to kill, often because these weeds have persistent underground roots or other parts that can sprout into new plants. And then you have the mighty dandelion, which combines the best (or worst) of both types.

When weeding, extract the entire root because even a small part can regenerate the plant. Spreading a 2-inch-thick layer of mulch helps prevent seeds from germinating and makes those that emerge easier to remove. The best time to tackle lawn weeds and grass weeds is right after irrigating or a rainfall. It’s easiest to pull or dig weeds out in their entirety when the ground is soft.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, tackle a small space every day, rotating throughout your garden. For a simple, chemical-free way to get rid of weeds naturally, try boiling water. Or, try planting cover crops to reduce weeds. You may also seek weed control services to help get rid of invasive weeds in your garden.

Ways to Help Against the Battle of the Weeds in Your Garden