Sprucing Up the Garden Fence

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sprucingCathy Isom has some great ideas for sprucing up the garden by starting with the fence surrounding it. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Sprucing Up the Garden Fence

Aside from all of the wonderful spring planting we will all soon be doing, sprucing up the garden by paying particular attention to our vinyl fence should also be included. Why? For the most part, fences aren’t always attractive. Whether its a chain-link, wooden or something else that can give your outdoor space an unsightly feel. With a little bit of creativity and some handiwork, your temporary fencing rental could create quite a visual sensation.

For example, a living fence, such as hedges, trees or vines. If your fence is not well set up for this, you can contact a commercial fence installation service and get one that is.

A vertical garden could also make a great fence and border. It could be any variety of greens, strawberries and culinary herbs. You can create them by using many different repurposed items such as old guttering, abandoned plant pots, cloth pouches, or old pipes. These work especially well on the sun-side of wooden fencing.

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