U.S. Cattle Producer Recommends Attending Sommet de l’Élevage

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Betty Anglani

The Sommet de l’Élevage is the European Union’s largest livestock show. For the first time ever, U.S. producers were invited to attend the Sommet. Betty Anglani, a Limousin cattle producer from Missouri, was among the few Americans to attend the event.

Anglani heard about the Sommet in an e-blast from the North American Limousin Foundation. Since it was the year of the Limousin, she was instantly intrigued.

Anglani says the Sommet was overwhelming. With nearly 90,000 attendees and 2,000 animals entered in the shows, she was constantly surrounded by people and new information to learn. The event was held in the heart of ranchland in France, which made the farm tours incredibly educational. Anglani says the tours were filled with information and included interpreters.

One of the things that stood out the most to Anglani was the people of France. She knows only a little bit of French, but she says from the time she stepped off the plane, she was only treated with kindness. Anglani adds that the French people were very helpful. They helped her find her way around France and introduced her to new foods.

Anglani highly recommends that Americans invest in making the trip to the Sommet. She says she would love to see more U.S. producers attend to experience everything she was able to experience. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I hope it’s not the last time I go over, but I’d certainly love to do it again,” Anglani concludes.

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