Even Santa’s Reindeer Need a Veterinarian!

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From: American Veterinary Medical Association

AVMA President Clears Santa’s Reindeer for Christmas FlightBeing AVMA President certainly has its perks, including the title of Santa’s Official Veterinarian. In addition to providing regular preventive care to Santa’s reindeer, this means examining Rudolph and each of the others in preparation for their special flight around the world.

Just like you and your pets, Santa’s reindeer need to be examined and issued health certificates in order to travel between U.S. states or across national borders. Thankfully, they’ve never had a problem being certified for flight, due in good measure to the regular examinations and preventive veterinary care they receive from AVMA’s president to keep them healthy.

AVMA’s current president, Dr. Joseph Kinnarney, examined the reindeer shortly before their 2015 Christmas flight and gave them full “RTF” (“Ready To Fly!”) status, so IT’S ON!

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