FAST TRACK Deadline Approaching

Josh McGill Citrus, Florida, General

The registration period for FAST TRACK Suite III, featuring four IFAS seedless easy peel tangerine/mandarins will close at 4PM Tuesday, November 24, 2015. Once closed, registration to plant or commercialize these selections will remain closed for five years. Any growers who may have an interest in these selections are encouraged to contact the NVDMC office today (Nov 23, 2015)prior to 1PM, or Tuesday the 24th 8 AM – 3:45 PM.

The registration for Suite III opened on May 28, 2015, a total registration period of 180 days.

FAST TRACK provides growers an opportunity to trial promising IFAS citrus selections very early in the process. Growers help with the testing and evaluation and assist in determining the commercial potential of the new citrus material intended for the fresh market (called Tier I). Once registered, growers may also move FAST TRACK selections into commercial production (called Tier II). Two of the four Suite III selections have been moved to Tier II.

Contact Information for registration documentation and program details:

NVDMC Office: 321-214-5214