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R.A.R.E. or “Raggitty Ass Redneck Equipment”, specializes in handcrafted cookout utensils, firepit tools and related specialty items, RARE BBQ Tools are often on display at BBQ contest events throughout Floridaeach totally unique. The craftsman is Calvin Turner in Lake Placid, Florida. He and his wife Fran ship ‘RARE’ custom cooking tools and equipment to customers throughout the United States.

Premier offerings in the RARE line feature high-quality BBQ grilling tools with genuine deer antler handles and food-grade stainless steel, along with other unique, related items. (scroll down for more details, photos, prices & to order)

RARE BBQ Tools - set of 3 - $30 each piece

These hand crafted BBQ tools feature food grade stainless steel and genuine deer antler handlesR.A.R.E. has a new TWIST this year. We are using square stainless steel bars with Calvin personally twisting each shaft for your one-of-a-kind BBQ tool set.

To make your BBQ TOOLS a complete set, we are making a Fork, Spatula and PigTail Flipper. All constructed of ¼” Stainless Steel SQUARE Bar using 3/16” for the fork tines, and a 4 X 5 spatula. The PigTail Flipper is ¼” Sq. Bar and 3/16” pigtail. We make them in two lengths, (short 10” shaft or long 16” shaft, RARE BBQ Tools sport real deer antler handles! and right or left hand turn on the pigtails), and they are finished with genuine deer antler handles. Priced at $30.00 for each individual piece, these cooking tools are for a lifetime and this is the only place you’ll find them!

Other RARE tools include “Fire Pliers” ($20 each) which are sort of like big tongs Fire Pliers in action used to move logs around in a hot fire. These are made of 3/4-inch square aluminum tubing with a hinge made of 1/4-20 Stainless Steel Bolt & Nyloc Nut. Burn Free Fire Tending!This tool is a real hit for moving logs around in the outdoor fire pit.

The RARE Marsh/Dog Stick (photo below-$30 each) is a 24-inch shaft with 6-inch horseshoed tines. As with all cooking tools, made with Stainless Steel materials.

RARE Marshmellow-Hot Dog Sticks ($30 ea) have extra long rods

These Marsh/Dog sticks are great to have around for family and party time when it comes to roasting marshmellows, hot dogs or sausages over an open fire or firepit. Keep the napkins handy!

A Brand new item we added in 2010 is our Tottie Twisters $8 each or two with stand for $20TOTTIE TWISTERS (photo right). Each twister is handcrafted with Food Grade Stainless Steel & Genuine Deer Antlers. Can be Fire Pit Pigbought individually ($8 each) or as a set with a wood base & two twisters ($20 set).

Another unique fire pit item Calvin has originated is the Stainless Steel Fire Pit SteerPIG or STEER ($50) which can decorate a pot hanger over a fire pit or just be a conversation piece on display in your cooking area!

Now, CHECK THIS OUT! The “SideWinder” DRINK MACHINE is Be the hit of any party with the SIDEWINDER DRINK MACHINE!unique in its own way. Just briefly, you can mix any drink imaginable making three gallons at a time, using ice, whole pineapple, strawberries, etc. The machine will do the rest. The sidewinder is a must Cap-$5 T-shirt-$10for any Party, Sandbar, Tailgater, Wedding, BBQ, Boat, Etc. ($650). Feel Free to call Calvin for more details.
And what would a company with such a cool name and logo be without offering caps $5, t-shirts $10, visors $12, and BBQ towels $6 each emblazoned with the R.A.R.E. color logo!

PLACING YOUR ORDER is as easy as sending an e mail or making a phone call! CLICK HERE to e-mail Calvin and Fran Turner at R.A.R.E at foo@embarqmail.com or call them at 863-465-1402, 863-441-5031, or 863-441-1672. Or you can snail mail them at P. O. Box 631, Lake Placid, Florida 33862. A R.A.R.E. Logo!Tell them what you want or need, or describe your custom order, they’ll follow up to confirm details, payment and shipping arrangements! You’ll be in for a lifetime of enjoyment around the cookpit! ENJOY, and GOOD GRILLING!

Click Here to play short video of RARE Founder Calvin Turner

Calvin and Fran Turner at one of many BBQ cookoffs they display at each year