Citrus Greening Identification Class Dec 19 Arcadia FL

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

Citrus Greening Identification Class – Dec. 19th
The Extension Service will be conducting a citrus greening identification training class at the Turner Exhibition Hall in Arcadia on December 19th. The two hour class begins at 10:00 AM and should aid growers, managers, and supervisors in the field identification of greening and procedures for getting samples tested. The hands-on training will discuss the following items:
* Greening identification from samples
* Items that can be confused with greening
* How to process and submit samples
* Current distribution of greening in Florida
The instructors at the class will be bringing actual twigs, leaves and fruit for growers to see. This is an excellent opportunity to see the disease first hand on plant material. To register for the class, contact the DeSoto County Extension office at: 863-993-4846