H-2A Agricultural Worker Visa Modernization Joint Cabinet Statement

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Secretary Acosta, Secretary Nielsen, Secretary Perdue and Secretary Pompeo When President Trump addressed the American Farm Bureau Federation in January of this year, he reminded the audience that his commitment to our farmers has been clear since the day his Administration began: “From that day on, we have been working every day to deliver for America’s farmers just as they …

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Farm Bill Delays Due to Immigration Issues

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Efforts have been taking place to resurrect the House version of the 2018 Farm Bill after last week’s defeat. One reason for the defeat was an unrelated fight over immigration reform. American Farm Bureau Federation’s Andrew Walmsley says this isn’t over yet, after 30-GOP conservatives sunk the bill in a bid to win a vote on tough immigration reforms. Farm …


House Farm Bill Dormant Amid Immigration Dispute

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House Republican leadership is currently struggling with immigration issues and it’s put the House farm bill that didn’t pass on Friday right on the back burner. The Hagstrom Report describes the bill as “dormant.” Speaker Paul Ryan called for reconsideration of the bill immediately after the vote on Friday. He declared that the “ayes” had won the voice vote but …


Agri View: Fruit and Vegetable Labor Problem

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Everett Griner talks about fruit and vegetable labor problem in today’s Agri View. Everett discusses why the labor issue is putting more cost on the products for the consumer. You may have noticed that you are paying more for your fresh fruit and vegetables this year. You are very likely to pay more next year. Fruit and Vegetable Labor Problem …


Analyst: Labor Shortages and Volatile Feed Prices Ahead for Meat Industry

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A Rabobank analyst says the U.S. could be on the tail end of the second longest expansion of its economy in history. Rabobank Analyst Don Close told the North American Meat Institute this week there are implications for the meat industry, including a pending labor shortage and possible volatile commodity prices ahead, according to meat industry publication Meatingplace. Close warns …


Administration Vows To Arrange for Farmworkers To Enter U.S.

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While Congress continues the struggle to pass immigration reform legislation, work is being done on administrative actions that might make it a little easier to hire farmworkers. According to Gary Crawford, both President Trump and Agriculture Secretary Perdue say that there will be a legal system to provide U.S. farmers with the foreign-born workers they need. Administration Vows To Arrange …


Immigration Verification Proposal Scuttled

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Florida businesses won’t have to worry about voters requiring them to verify the immigration status of new employees. The state Constitution Revision Commission on Monday rejected a proposal that would have asked voters in November to require businesses to use a system similar to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Employment Authorization Program, known as E-Verify, to determine immigration-related eligibility …


Group Fights Immigration Verification Proposal

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A wide-ranging coalition that includes a major Republican donor, cruise-line officials, agricultural interests and former pro basketball players is seeking to halt a proposed constitutional amendment that would require Florida businesses to verify the immigration status of new employees. The state Constitution Revision Commission is expected next week to consider putting the proposal on the November ballot. But members of …