Coronavirus Safety Fact Sheets for Workers

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Author: E. Vanessa Campoverde, UF/IFAS

(UF/IFAS) — I have received several questions regarding what to do if you have employees or work with others during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in agricultural operations and related businesses.

While there is plenty of information about how the virus work, how to protect yourself and others, etc. I compiled some information (with images) that can be used in your daily training for the green industry. This is not a substitution for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information. Use it as an additional resource for you and your worker’s safety.

And if you are wondering were did I get these amazing drawings. No, there are not my little cousin’s art project. Well, I made them, since I couldn’t find anything related to AG industry yet. I am sure more and better images will come.

There fact sheets are available in English and Spanish.The Creole one is in the works, and will be released soon.

These technical fact sheets are published in our UF/IFAS Extension website 


Coronavirus Safety Fact Sheets for Agriculture:

About the Author:

E. Vanessa Campoverde

E. Vanessa Campoverde is the UF/IFAS Extension Agent working for ornamental plant nurseries in Miami Dade County.