china bird flu

China Plans Bird Flu Vaccine for Poultry

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China will begin vaccinating poultry next month against the H7N9 avian influenza virus which has claimed hundreds of lives and caused major damage to the nation’s poultry industry. Reuters says the program will kick off in early July and targets all species including broiler chickens, ducks, geese and laying hens. The managing director of the China Poultry Association says “in …

body cameras

Chicken Company Turning to Body Cameras

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Elite Farm Services of British Columbia, Canada, is turning to body cameras to make sure its workers are following the required best management practices regarding animal handling. Elite came under fire this week after a Mercy for Animals undercover video showed workers hitting, throwing, and kicking chickens. Six workers have been fired and investigation into the matter is continuing. A …


Questions about GIPSA Rule

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The Department of Agriculture’s extended comment period for the Obama-era rules to reform the buying and selling of livestock and poultry expired this past Monday. The rule is set to take effect October 19th under the Trump Administration’s new timeline, but there’s still uncertainty over its fate. So the question now is, will the so-called GIPSA marketing rule that’s divided …


Senators Want NAFTA Renegotiations to Address Canada Poultry Market

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A group of senators wants the renegotiation effort of the North American Free Trade Agreement to address U.S. poultry exports into Canada. The group, led by Delaware Democrat Tom Carper says Canada has engaged in protectionist trade policies that limit sales for U.S. poultry exporters. The Senators are asking the Donald Trump administration to address the issue during NAFTA renegotiation …

meat export

Meat Production Forecast Lowered

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) latest World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report was released last Friday, and in the Livestock, Poultry, and Dairy section, the forecast for total meat production for 2017 was lowered from last month but is raised for 2018. Beef production for 2017 was lowered primarily on lighter carcass weights which more than offsets higher …

backyard flocks

Backyard Flocks Sickening Hundreds of People

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The Centers for Disease Control says more than 370 people have reported Salmonella infections from backyard flocks this year, and more than one-third of them were children under five years old. The CDC is reporting eight separate outbreaks across 47 states in backyard flocks. These outbreaks are expected to continue for the next several months, according to a public warning …

supreme court

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Egg Lawsuit Against California

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The U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition by Missouri to hear a case against California by six states. Led by Missouri, the states sought to overturn a California law setting requirements for housing egg-laying hens. California voters approved the law in 2008, but Missouri, along with Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky and Iowa challenged the law. In 2015, the American Farm …

food thermometer

Use Food Thermometers to be Food Safe this Summer

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Summer is a time for family vacations, backyard barbecues and plenty of outdoor activities with food as the centerpiece. But before those steaks and burgers go on the grill, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) wants to remind consumers to keep their family and themselves safe from foodborne illness by using a food thermometer …

boston market

Boston Market Commits to GAP Animal Welfare Standards

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The rotisserie-cooking chain Boston Market announced plans to source chickens certified by the Global Animal Partnership and processed via a controlled-atmosphere system. A Meating Place Dot Com article says the pledge will take effect in 2024. Chief Executive George Michel said the multi-step process is considered the most comprehensive approach to poultry production. At the same time, it also meets …


Grilling Season Poised to Increase Meat Demand

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The seasonal grilling period is poised to increase demand for meat, according to statistics compiled by Oklahoma State University. The Food Demand Survey found consumers’ willingness-to-pay for steak increased nine percent this month. Meanwhile, consumers say their willingness-to-pay for chicken breast increased 1.2 percent, and 2.45 percent for pork chops, compared to levels indicated in April. Consumers noted a decrease …