FAPRI Releases U.S. Baseline Outlook

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The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri released its annual U.S. Baseline Outlook report. It includes projections for agricultural and biofuel markets and helps in evaluating alternative scenarios for agricultural policy. “Projected prices for most crops, poultry, and dairy products all retreat in 2023 from recent peaks, and so do some production expenses,” says …

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Study Shows Transition to Cage-Free Eggs Comes With Problems

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A new study funded in part by United Egg Producers and the United Egg Association shows the transition to cage-free eggs will increase costs and reduce profits. It also shows that producers may not be able to make the 2026 deadline. The study says, “Conversion from conventional to cage-free housing is costly for both egg producers and final consumers.” There …

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National Chicken Council Calls on FDA to Take Measures to Alleviate Egg Prices

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(Washington, D.C.) — Avian influenza’s outbreak and subsequent high egg prices have caused the poultry industry to research a policy that forces the broiler industry (broilers are chickens raised for meat) to destroy perfectly nutritious and safe eggs. The National Chicken Council (NCC) petitioned FDA to reverse or modify this policy on Thursday. “In light of the pressure the current HPAI outbreak is …

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Egg Prices Hit Record Levels

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Egg prices are hitting record levels. Free Republic Dot Com says the surge in price is being driven by an avian-influenza outbreak that’s killed tens of millions of chickens and turkeys in the U.S. this year. Wholesale prices of Midwest large eggs hit a record of $5.36 a dozen this month. Retail egg prices are rising faster than any other …

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Poultry Industry Releases Economic Impact Study

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The U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation and United Egg Producers recently released an updated economic impact study. The study highlights the poultry industry’s positive impact on jobs, wages, and federal and state revenue in the United States. A dynamic and integral part of the national economy, the U.S. poultry industry provides more than two …