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Copper Sulfate Kills Fungus on Fish Eggs

by Sandra Avant, Agricultural Research Service

fungus fish eggs copper sulfate

ARS aquatic toxicologist Dave Straus adds fish eggs to hatching chambers in a study at Keo Fish Farm.
Photo by Cindy Ledbetter, Agricultural Research Service

Fungus on fish eggs isn’t only an eyesore for the aquaculture industry, it’s also deadly to fish and expensive to treat. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have found that copper sulfate kills fish egg fungus and is cheaper than current treatments.

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists previously compared the effectiveness of copper sulfate to treat catfish eggs against two current treatments—formalin and hydrogen peroxide. While both are U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, they are more expensive than copper sulfate. Hydrogen peroxide costs 89 cents per treatment, formalin costs 73 cents, and copper sulfate costs 2 cents. Read the rest of this entry »

UF/IFAS Researchers: Many Turning to Oysters for Valentine’s Day Energy

by: Beverly James, UF/IFAS,

Raw oysters on ice. Oyster

Raw oysters on ice. Oyster, shellfish, seafood, food safety. 2009 Annual Research Report.
Photo by Tyler Jones.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be thinking about revving things up by eating a few oysters. We’ve all heard that oysters are aphrodisiacs, but researchers with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences say there’s more to the story.

“Oysters might be perceived as an aphrodisiac because they have a high proportion of glycogen, a form of stored carbohydrate that can give you energy,” said Peter Frederick, a research professor with the UF/IFAS department of wildlife ecology and conservation. Read the rest of this entry »

Florida Commissioner’s Spotlight: Recipe – Lobster Tail

On this week’s Commissioner’s Spotlight, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam is joined by Executive Chef Justin Timineri to talk about the newest Fresh! Recipe video featuring Florida Spiny Lobster Tails. Read the rest of this entry »

Florida Agricultural Policy Outlook Conference is Next Week

uf-ifas-logoThose in agriculture won’t want to miss the Florida Agricultural Policy Outlook Conference coming up next week. University of Florida/IFAS economists and other experts will discuss economic insights helpful for making informed business and policy decisions. The second annual event, organized by the UF/IFAS food and resource economics department, will be held February 9th from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Balm, Florida. Read the rest of this entry »

Gulf Dead Zone

dead zones gulf of mexico
Everett Griner talks about the Gulf of Mexico dead zone in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more.

Trump Reportedly Taps Perdue as Ag Secretary



President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly picked former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to be Agriculture Secretary under the incoming administration. While the USDA landing team has yet to confirm the nominee, multiple media outlets attributed a senior transition official as saying Trump will nominate Perdue to the post.

The American Farm Bureau strongly endorsed the nomination of Perdue following the news. Read the rest of this entry »

Re-emphasizing the Relevancy of Florida Agriculture

Dr. Jack Payne

Dr. Jack Payne

Agriculture is, and has been a very important part of Florida. And that is a message that Dr. Jack Payne, University of Florida senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources, wants to make sure all citizens of the state understand.

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More about agriculture’s impact on the state of Florida can be found on the UF/IFAS website.

Hearing Ends in Florida-Georgia Water Fight

From The News Service of Florida:

Chattahoochee River

Chattahoochee River

A special master appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court finished hearing arguments Thursday in a high-profile legal battle about divvying up water in a river system shared by Florida and Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Special Master Ralph Lancaster said he could rule by Christmas, with the dispute then going back to the Supreme Court.

The Journal-Constitution also reported that Lancaster implored the states to Read the rest of this entry »

Seafood Consumption

seafood consumption
Everett Griner talks about American’s finding new ways to enjoy seafood in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more.

China-Bahamas Fishing Talks Alarm Florida Officials


News Service of FloridaTHE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, November 16, 2016………. Florida wildlife officials expressed concern Wednesday that the government of the Bahamas is in talks with China to split fishing rights in waters east of Florida.

State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Executive Director Nick Wiley said the potential deal, as reported, could impact Read the rest of this entry »

St. Lucie County Citrus Grower is Re-elected to Statewide Farm Bureau Leadership Post

From the Florida Farm Bureau Federation:

FFBFOrlando, Fla. – Delegates at Florida Farm Bureau’s 2016 Annual Meeting have unanimously re-elected Brant Schirard as vice president of the organization. First elected as Florida Farm Bureau vice president in 2010, Schirard will now begin his fourth consecutive term.

A St. Lucie County citrus grower and a Read the rest of this entry »

Florida to Hold Natural Resource Meeting about Farm Bill Programs

USDA/NRCSIn an effort to assist agricultural producers in meeting their land management goals while protecting our natural resources, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Florida will hold a State Technical Advisory Committee Meeting on November 15th in Gainesville.

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