Congress Returns Monday

Randall General, Peanuts

Congress already has plans to take care of certain issues once they return to work Monday. Tyron Spearman has this Report  (:25 wma)

Citrus Commission Feb Mtg / Peace River Grower Discusses Freeze Aftermath

Gary Citrus, Florida

In this report, Southeast AgNet’s Katherine Bush files a brief overview from this week’s Florida Citrus Commission meeting in Lakeland. Also included in this report, comments from Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association outgoing president Hugh Taylor about what growers in his area are noticing from the recent cold snap this past weekend. Report (2:00 wma)

Peace River Growers And Citrus Commission Mtgs Coverage

Gary Citrus, Florida

Southeast AgNet’s Katherine Bush is on the road in citrus country this week. In this audio segment, Katherine reports from Peace River Valley Citrus Growers annual meeting Tuesday night in Arcadia, and provides some comments from her visit with Citrus Commission Chairman Steve Ryan during Wednesday’s Commission meeting in Lakeland. Report (2:00 wma)

Trying to Increase Potato Appeal

Cindy Vegetables

Potatoes rank high in nutrition but low in convenience, something potato growers are trying to address with new marketing strategies. Report (1:00 wma)

National FFA Week

Cindy General

Blue Jackets Gold Standards is the theme of the National FFA Week being held this week, according to FFA president Beau Williamson. Report (1:00 wma)