Weather Watch Services for Citrus Growers

Gary Citrus, Florida

Ray Royce of Highlands County Citrus Growers Association sent out a handy memo to his members today about some websites and other services available for citrus growers during cold weather times. Many areas of Florida are expected to dip below freezing at some point in the coming days. I hope Ray doesn’t mind me posting the following info for other …

More FCIRCC Citrus Research Funding News

Gary Citrus, Florida

Florida Citrus Industry Research Coordinating Council (FCIRCC) Chairman Tim Anglea (photo) discusses the first initiatives on tap for the Council now that it has hired John Jackson Jr for its Executive Director position. Among other things, Anglea emphasizes this will be a cricital year for growers to become engaged directly in the legislative process. Report (2:00 wma)

Bracing for Cold & More Citrus Rsch Mtg News

Gary Citrus, Florida

In this report, some observations about the bad timing of this week’s cold snap expected to bring temperatures in Florida citrus producing areas below freezing at a time when bloom for next year’s crop is delicate. Also in this report, more comments from Florida Citrus Industry Research Coordinating Council Chairman Tim Anglea regarding the efforts of the Council. Report (2:00 …

Conservation Help for New and Low Income Farmers

Cindy Florida, General, USDA-NRCS

Beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers would receive some extra help for conservation efforts under the new farm bill proposed by the Bush administration, something that will help many in Florida according to State Conservationist Niles Glasgow. Report (:45 wma)

Georgia Cotton Referendum Underway

Cindy Cotton, Georgia

Georgia cotton producers are being urged to vote in a referendum on continuation of the cotton program, according to Georgia Cotton Commission executive director Richey Seaton. Report (1:00 wma)