Who Is Going to Feed Us in 2050, 2075 or Later?

Dan Agri View

This needs to be given some serious thought.  Now over 25% of today’s farms are operated by someone 65 or older.  Everett Griner gives us more interesting statistics in this segment that should get us thinking about some important things for the future.  Report (1:00 mp3)

FBC & FCA to Hold Town Hall Meetings

Randall Beef, Cattle, Florida

The Florida Beef Council & Florida Cattlemen’s Association are teaming together hold some Town Hall meetings across the state in October.  Report (1:30 mp3) To see the locations, dates, and times Click Here

OJ for Diabetics

Cindy Citrus

A new study by the University at Buffalo indicates that orange juice is a healthy food for diabetics due to its high level of flavonoids. Report (1:00 mp3)

USDA Official on COOL and Farm Bill

Cindy General

Yet another comment period for Country of Origin labeling came to an end on August 21 and USDA Undersecretary for Marketing and Regulatory programs Bruce Knight talks about what happens now. Knight also addresses when he thinks the farm bill process will be completed. Report (2:00 mp3) Report (1:30 mp3)

AL NRCS Retirement

Cindy Alabama, USDA-NRCS

Natural Resources Conservation Service in Alabama Public Affairs specialist Julie Best is retiring after two decades of service with the agency. Report (1:30 mp3)